HomeBuyers' Choice Awards

Delighted Customers are Truly Rewarding.

Receiving awards from your peers is prestigious, but being honored by your customers is the Holy Grail of Awesomeness. Over 20 years ago, we created the Home Buyers's Choice Awards to honor new home builders who busted their backsides to deliver the best experience to their customers by following Eliant's blueprint for success.

You built a home for your customers. Did they build you up as the best? Come find out at the Home Buyer's Choice Awards.

2018 Homebuyer's Choice Awards

The following awards will be broken into three segments, based on sales volume: Medium Volume Builders (up to 125 homes), Large Volume Builders (126-275 homes) and High Volume Builders (over 276 homes).

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Medium Volume Builders

(up to 125 homes)

Large Volume Builders

(126-275 homes)

High Volume Builders

(over 275 homes)