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The Answer to Your Success is More Than Customer Surveys.

Eliant is all about providing continuous improvement insights to our clients. Our services and real-time reports offer a deeper and clearer look into what your customers are thinking. Now you can have a better understanding of how to make their experience better and how to get that edge on your competition.

Speaking Engagements. Not the Same Old Show

As Eliant’s founder, CEO, and psychologist, Bob Mirman’s international presentations focus on the psychological and commercial aspects of the homebuyers’ customer experience. Bob provides humor and invaluable insight into interpreting survey scores and rankings and is renowned as a keynote speaker at corporate and building-industry events such as PCBC, IBS, ECBC, and the BIS show.

Jex Manwaring, Eliant’s president since 2014, has served as a leader of a large, multi-divisional builder and conducts masterful workshops for leaders and customer-facing employees. He has used his invaluable hands-on experience and unique, effective leadership techniques to implement powerful changes to some of the biggest names in the industry. Inquire within.

Get Training & Deliver the "OMG" Factor

The first step is upgrading the behavior of everyone on your team so they can consistently “delight” the customer and exceed expectations, all while holding them accountable for delivering the “OMG” factor. Our step-by-step ‘Customer Experience Blueprint’ makes this easy. Most training programs just impart information, our training is designed to improve and transform your teams’ behaviors…and your ratings. Get started today.

Eliant Certification. Build Your Competitive Edge.

The Eliant Certification Program motivates and rewards your employees for upping their game and improving their customer ratings. But what really makes this program unique are the psychological techniques developed by our clinical psychologist and CEO, Bob Mirman. These techniques take a deeper, more methodical approach to asking the right questions in order to deliver the right answers.
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